Yoga For Sports

Enhances performance

Whatever sport you practice, yoga can help you improve your performance. Regular practice of yoga can increase muscle flexibility throughout the body and mobilise the joints, as well as increasing core strength. Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation can help you focus your mind, regulate your breathing, and improve your lung capacity.

Prevents injury

If your body is flexible and supple you will be less prone to sports injuries. Although you can focus on particular postures for your chosen sport, it is preferable to carry out a range of asanas to benefit the whole body.

How yoga can help in specific sports 

Cycling   A cyclist’s back stays in one position for long periods, so the muscles often become tense. This can be remedied with backbends and stretches. Stiffness in the legs can also be eased through yoga. Click here to find out more about our yoga for cyclists workshops

Running  Yoga keeps the leg muscles flexible (hamstrings, hip flexors, shins, calves). Helps maintain focus in long distances, such as marathon running (some runners chant a mantra internally to help them keep going). 

Rugby and football  Yoga helps lengthen hamstrings, quadriceps, and groin; common problem areas in these sports.

Racket sports  Tennis, badminton, or squash players may be prone to one-sided or uneven muscle development. Yoga asanas can strengthen weak areas and ease muscular tension. Yoga also promotes clear thinking; useful in situations that call for fast reactions.

Swimming  Breathing exercises can help swimmers regulate their breathing and enhance lung capacity for more efficiency when swimming. Increased flexibility from yoga will make for a more agile swimmer.

Walking / trekking  Yoga stretches tight calves and hamstrings. Relieves stiff backs and shoulders from carrying packs.

Golf  A better posture and controlled breathing encourage a more even and relaxed ball address, improving swing. Greater core strength and flexibility enhance all areas of the game.

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