Essential Oil Sprays

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Yoga Mat Sprays, 100ml: 

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Lemongrass and Tea Tree

It’s not always practical to wash your mat as much as you’d like to, and these sprays are great for freshening up your mat before or after use. You can give your mat a quick spritz and wipe it over with a dry cloth, or spray it more thoroughly and wash it over with a damp cloth. Let it dry naturally, or wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Both sprays smell fantastic – which will you choose? 

Peaceful Nights Pillow Spray 50ml:

Why not treat yourself or a friend to this delightfully scented pillow spray? This created with a blend of four essential oils that may help relax you in preparation for a good night’s sleep. This is in a 50ml bottle.

All sprays are handmade and presented in beautiful blue glass bottles, which you can bring back for a refill.

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What people say:

“I found Lorna online when looking at local businesses, loved that she sells from the heart, however her service superseded my expectations – quality products, beautifully gift wrapped and presented. Now can sleep without our lush pillow mist!” Jo, Teg Down

“Lorna’s pillow spray is just wonderful! Better than “Neals Yard” I would say (!) and the sweet orange and frankincense oils smell amazing. I think this has really helped me have many peaceful nights sleep and I would recommend it to everyone. In fact I have bought more for Christmas presents. A highly lovely smelling spray for pillows or just for use as a room spray.” Sophie, Winchester

“Thanks so much for sending the mat spray (lemongrass) to me in South Norfolk. Using it before my group classes and sharing with my yogi friends transports us away from the gym/ squash court floor to a restful yoga retreat. The lemongrass lifts your senses while the tea tree offers  antibacterial and antiviral properties. Makes our yoga practice even more beneficial.” Susie, Norfolk

“Such lovely packaging! I feel guilty keeping them (one lemongrass mat spray, one pillow spray) myself!” Nicky, Meon.

“Luna Yoga Mat Spray is so beneficial I have eucalyptus and mint; it is a so subtle, clean and refreshing. I wouldn’t be without it.” Mary, Sutton Scottney.

“Love this spray (Peppermint), especially good on flip flops! Thanks Lorna.” Jane, Kings Worthy.

“The pillow sprays are beautiful and smell amazing! I can’t wait to gift them at Christmas.” Nicky, Kings Worthy

“I love your products Lorna and the gift bags are the perfect finish.” Jo, Kings Worthy


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