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One-off workshops, or weekly yoga classes can be held at lunchtime or after work in your place of work, or online. Taking the body through a range of movement in the middle of the day not only helps you keep physically healthy, but also keeps you more alert in the afternoons.


Desk Yoga for Injury Prevention



Do you suffer from any of the following after a day in the office?

Discomfort or tightness in hands, wrists, arms, neck, or shoulders (RSI: repetitive strain injury)



Eye strain (CVS: computer vision syndrome)


 Then Office Yoga is for you

You don’t need a yoga mat, or to change clothes for these sessions, as they are held at your desks. Exercises are done seated and standing and we use the chair, desk, and sometimes a wall, as props.

As we spend more and more time sitting in front of the computer and in cars, our chances of developing conditions like those listed above increase. These are sometimes referred to as MSIs (musculoskeletal injuries).

The good news is, we can both relieve and help prevent MSIs by doing simple exercises and through posture awareness. 

The workshop exercises are designed to be incorporated into your workday and done in your office. They will include upper and lower body mobilisation, core activation for strength and release, basic breathing techniques, workstation posture awareness.

Remember: prevention is better than cure!


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Corporate clients include Arqiva, Wireless Infrastructure Group, Barton Peveril College, Wessex Dance Academy (Hampshire Cultural Trust), Arup Winchester, Arup London, Hampshire County Council, Winchester City Council, NHS (RHCH) HSBC Southampton, Cycling Plus Magazine.



Office Yoga Workshops, Winchester

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