Yoga On The Water

SUP Yoga Seasonal  Classes 

We’re pleased to be offering summer SUP Yoga classes on the Hamble River in association with Quroc Paddleboards, Adventure 360 and WeSup Hamble River. Sessions take place on the Hamble River and on The Lakes at Eastleigh. 

In October 2016, I qualified as a SUP Yoga teacher with SupFit on Bray Lake and in early 2017, became brand ambassador for the top-rated Quroc SUP boards. SUP Yoga is the perfect blend of what I love the most – being outdoors in nature, being on the water and practicing yoga.

What is SUP Yoga?

Yoga on a stand-up paddle board (or SUP board) on a river, lake or sea. You are tethered to a line, buoy or anchor.

Why should you try SUP Yoga?

It’s fun! It adds a new dimension to your yoga practice.. or to your paddle-board experience if you’re a SUP-er. Practicing yoga on an unstable platform can also help improve your balance, strength and proprioception. And it’s great to be outside.

Will I get wet?

Possibly. But poses are done is stages, so you don’t even need to stand up if you’re not confident to. If you’re really worried, you can wear a wetsuit (available to hire). But the river is really warm in the summer!

Is it safe?

Yes! We do require that you’re confident that you can swim at lest 50 metres in light clothing. You’ll be on an inflatable SUP board that is super-buoyant, so if you do fall in, you can just grab hold of that. We’re also there to help in the unlikely event of a splash too.

Where do you do SUP Yoga? 

Classes are currently held on the Hamble River in conjunction with our partners at Adventure 360.

What’s the cost? £20 for a pay-as-you-go class to include lesson and board hire. If you bring your own board, it’s just £10 for the yoga. Booking is done via adventure 360

Can I book a private session for a group of friends? Yes. Groups of up to ten can be catered for. Contact Lorna to discuss dates, times and prices.

SUP Yoga

SUP Camel pose

SUP Yoga from above

Yoga on the Hamble

SUPing on our holiday in France

The Itchen in Winchester

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